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The Great Spirit II™ burial vault from Everest Plastik presents four important features;

  • Watertightness
  • Durability
  • Easy handling
  • Site preservation


The optional seal on the Great Spirit II™
insures against water infiltration inside the vault. Water infiltration will accelerate deterioration of the vault content. The special sealant will automatically become active at the closure of the vault and no other operation is needed to ensure watertightness.
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The Great Spirit II™ burial vault made of polymer resins offers a high strenght to weight ratio and provide enough support to bear the weight of the ground above. The ribbed construction of its surfaces provides rigidity and its construction material will not deteriorate over time.

Easy handling

The Great Spirit II™ burial vault has been design to facilitate the work of funeral service providers. Its light weight of 40 kg minimizes shipping cost while allowing one person to easily handle the unit. The storage space for 10 vaults is only 36"X72"X90". Easy removal of lowering straps is also provided.

Site preservation

The eventual deterioration of the casket will cause a depression of the soil at the surface
and may cause the tombstone to lean. The burial vault bears the weight of the soil and eliminates maintenance of the burial grounds.


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